Krabi Thailand Off-road-Enduro Team
''The Kawasaki Green Lovers''

''The Krabi Thailand Off-Road Enduro Team''
has been created by the passion of a group
of international off-road/enduro-riders in the effort
to encourage the discovering of Southern Thailand’s
open range two wheels adventures.

The infinite opportunities offered by this amazing
tropical environment are enhanced by its “no-limits”.
precisely at the opposite concept of the over-restrictive
developed countries’ rules in terms of access
and land usage.

In harmony with this “open range” philosophy,
''The Krabi Thailand Off-Road Enduro Team''
organizes regular raid events that are free of charge
to any participant.

Our team designs, overviews and ensures safety in respect
of the local cultures, nature and landownership of the traversed areas.
We guarantee to anyone who follows our events a share of our passion and
a secure enjoyment that will last a life-time.

for more information or a nice Guided off-road enduro tour around Krabi
please feel free to contact us.